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6 janv. 2009
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JFW JAPAN CREATION : Textile report Autumn/Winter 2009-2010

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6 janv. 2009

Reconsideration of Aesthetic Sense

A creative world and its activities can spread its wings with the real sense of internationalism, and an 'aesthetic mindset' above all, as the key elements. Don't you sometimes overlook the authenticity? An aesthetic sense, somehow intangible,should be well preserved internally before being passed on ... by remaining true to one's own 'thoughts', 'imagination', 'culture', 'history', and 'philosophy'. Let us seek out for a truly aesthetic world with a vision of internationalsm, creativity, modernity, and futurism in our minds, in search of freely personalised fashion !

Each colour enjoys its own expression to the full... Each tone appeals, stimulates nonchalantly and sensitively and performs dramatically... !

Courtesy of JFW Japan Creation

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