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3 mai 2022
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Ombre & Texture 2024-25 (Studio Annflor Sangan)

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3 mai 2022

Elevating your style can mean adding some new textures and intricate designs to your wardrobe. These bright ombre colors are featured a lot these days and are quite popular. When including fur or tule into an outfit, you take it to the next level of funky.

The key here is to mix multiple colors that all work together to create a soft look that flows together. Try these trends in your hair or makeup routine as well and see how far you can take it!

This season, there is no less enthusiasm for various types of fur or fabric textures as well as with cheerful color motifs. Starting from hair trends, make up, to clothes, it's something challenging to wear in a fun way.

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No two skins have the same texture, and never the same light, the same temperature, the same shadows, never the same gestures...
Anïs Nin

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